Ten questions we will ask you before making a video

Filming at the Lighthouse

Before we begin making any videos at WVM, we always get a solid brief of what the client is looking for. By answering the following ten questions, we have the basis for delivering a quote and a proposed project plan and timetable. Let’s take a look at the four key areas of brief-making: purpose, style, content and logistics:


1. Why are you commissioning this video?

If you’re the person commissioning the video, we need to tease out why you do the work you do. Tell us about your passion and vision for your charity or organisation, and explain the unique selling points (USPs) of your work. It’s important for us to get a good idea of your work, a feel for the market your in and the peers/competitors/rivals you have.

2. What is the impact you want to have?

So you want a video made. But we need to know what tangible impact you want to have with the video. You probably want to make people more aware of your work in order to boost membership levels, donations, subscribers, customers etc. Let us know. Do you have targets etc.? It’s important to know this so we can reiterate your ‘call to action’ during and at the end of the video.

3. Who is your audience for the video?

You probably have a good idea of the types of people you want to see this video, but it can be useful to think really carefully about demographics. It’s all part of the refining process we want to tease out before we begin production. It will most likely shape the style and content of the video.


4. What type of video are you looking for?

We’re starting to move from ‘big picture’ thinking to practical aspects now. Are you looking for a promotional video (promo), a video resource/s, or maybe it’s a training video/s you’re after. This will inform the feel and length of the video.

5. What sort of feel do you want the videos to have?

YouTube, Vimeo and the like really do contain the breadth of video genres possible to make. Consider whether you want a serious/fun/educational/animated/off-the-wall etc. video. You may have seen something online that you like the look of. Let us know and we’ll try and adapt that to your wider brief.

6. What sort of length are you looking for for the video?

A question that’s important as this has ramifications for the amount of production and editing time needed, and thus on the budget.


7. What are the key messages that MUST be conveyed?

It’s all very well us getting a solid grasp of the vision and purpose of your work and what you would like the video to achieve and look like. But in order to make it memorable and impactful (and thus respond to the call to action) we need to crystallize the key messages you want to be conveyed. These may be linked to your organisation’s mission statement, or a to a particular campaign etc.


8. What is your budget?

It’s good to get an early idea of what sort of resources you can put into making the video. This informs the style, length and flexibility of deadlines required with the video. See WVM’s rate guide here.

9. What are your deadlines?

Perhaps your video ties in with the launch of a new website, or a campaign, both or neither! Simply, when do you need the video produced by in order to maximize your response to the call to action.

10. What is your preferred format for delivery?

Once we’ve produced your video, and you’re happy with the preview that we’ll send you, do you require a hard copy on DVD or data disc, or a link to the video file sent to you by Dropbox? If it’s a DVD then there may be extra costs involved for DVD menus etc. We’ll need to include this in our quote for you. If it’s a data disc, what format will you want the video file in (i.e. .mp4 or .mov)? If just a Dropbox link then it’s more cost effective for you and you can upload to your own YouTube, Vimeo or other web video hosting platform.

There it is. Ten questions we’d need to ask you before making the video/s.

Contact us here to discuss with us your requirements and we’ll give you a pro forma with these questions to complete.


Andrew Horton
Founder and CEO, Worldview Media (WVM)




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