Six ways to get more Facebook likes

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It’s not always easy to get more people liking your page, now that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is constantly being tweaked. But here are six surefire ways to get ahead of the competition:

1. Look good

Make sure you have a stunning looking cover image and profile picture. First impressions last and if you’re not looking good, then it reflects on your organisation’s integrity. Also, a little tip: when posting a link on your page, remember once you’ve pasted it in the status box and it creates a preview below it, you can then delete the link and you won’t lose the preview. That makes your posts look much tidier.

2. Post systematically

An average between 1 and 4 times a day is recommended – every day, including weekends. Respond to breaking news and stories quickly, and post live reports on any events you have – but not as frequently as you would on Twitter.

3. Study your analytics

Have a process for studying what works and what doesn’t using Facebook Insights. A monthly report is a good start. See which types of posts do best for you, then compare month-on-month + learn and act on this data.

4. Use FB tools

Put a Like Box on your website, prominently. That way people can like your Facebook page straight from your website, with one click. If that’s too intrusive for you website’s design, then at least link to your Facebook page from the website, again prominently. Remember also to include Facebook links on corporate email footers and video descriptions.

5. Vary your content

Post a variety of content: Your content has to be really good for people to share it. Remember that. Your fans are likely to feel more compelled to share something, then obliged to. Here’s a list of some of the most common content:

Videos: directly embed your videos to Facebook to take advantage of the autoplay function and are more easily shareable. Don’t just rely on YouTube links.

Annotated images/graphics/infographics: these are often shared well, when created attractively. Remember to put your logo on the image somewhere, usually in a bottom corner. (See Premier’s Canon Andrew White example below). premier andrew white image FB

Photo albums from events: if you have a photographer at an event, don’t rely on just putting their photos on your website or eNewsletter. Put them in a Facebook album (if your contract with the photographer permits that) and encourage people who were at your event to tag themselves.

Status updates: yes, actually tell people what you’re doing. You don’t even need a link here. But keep it short and pithy, and interesting. Instead of writing: ‘Today we are continuing producing our new book and video series, due for publication in November.’ Try rewording it to something like: ‘It’s a busy day in the [insert org name] office. We can’t wait for you to see our new book and video series! Watch this space for more on our big November launch.’ That way it’s more conversational, more personal, more relational.

Questions: Although Facebook has discontinued its official multiple choice questions feature on Pages there’s nothing stopping you from asking simple questions every now and then. It will help you show that you care about your fans, and help you gain information from them which will benefit your goals/aims.

Milestones: these aren’t reserved just for when you joined Facebook. They can be used for a book launch, a new website, project etc. And a nice thing about milestones is that they look good on Newsfeeds, sitting prominently and attractively.

Events: sharing an event on your Facebook page has its positives and negatives. Remember a Facebook page is public, so if you don’t want everyone in the world knowing about your event, be careful. But if you do, then they can be great for their sharing and promoting your page.

6. Consider £££

Pay for targeted Facebook adverts, which place a link to your page in the newsfeeds of friends of people who already like your page. Those friends see that their friends like the page and are more likely to be assured this is a worthwhile page to like.

Posted by Andrew Horton
Founder and CEO, Worldview Media



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