The making of ‘ChristChurch Woking’ promo video

ChristChurch Woking

Worldview Media was commissioned to produce a promo video for ChristChurch Woking. The request was to create a short video that captured the breadth and depth of the church’s activities.

As is usual practice, we identified the key official spokespeople from the church and other ‘good voices’ to capture. Their interviews were then ‘nuggeted’ to get the best soundbites for conveying the messages. B-roll was captured to illustrate what was being said in the soundbites, and then the video was edited together.

Here are some of the items of kit and software we used to record and edit the video:

Canon 60D (DSLR camera)

Canon 50mm f1.8

Canon 17-85mm f3.5-5.6 (kit lens)

Velbon DV7000 tripod (solid, reliable and good value)

Rode Videomic Pro

Audio technica ATR 3350 lapel mic (a nice cheap but high quality lapel mic)

Zoom h4N (four channel audio recorder)

Final Cut Pro X (editing software) + FilmConvert Pro plugin

Premiere Pro CS5 (editing software)

Lacie rugged hard drive 500GB

It was a great video project to work on and we hope it will have a big impact in raising awareness of the church and encouraging new members. The video is now being circulated on FB, Twitter, the ChristChurch Woking website (soon), and the ChristChurch Woking social networking platform, The City.

Posted by Andrew Horton
Founder and CEO



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