How to find the right video producer

This is an excerpt from our ebook How to commission better videos.

How do you go about finding the video producer who is the best fit for your project?

Where to look

Your organisation may already possess the necessary skills, resources and capacity for this to be an ‘in-house’ job – or you may decide that the project requires an external video producer.

Here are a few things to think about when making your decision:


  • Access – you’re likely to have easier access to your video producer if they work within the same organisation
  • Empathy – an in-house producer should have a clearer understanding of your organisation’s mission and goals
  • ‘Over-the-shoulder’ previews – it can be helpful to be able to physically see the same video screen as your video producer and agree any changes that need to be made
  • The team – an in-house project should allow improved communication with other members of staff, such as designers and copywriters, that are part of the project team.


  • Scope creep – you may be less inclined to chop and change requirements, if the producer is an independent contractor
  • Specialist – it may be easier to find an external producer who has the necessary expertise to fulfil the requirements of your creative brief.
  • Cost – hiring an external producer may appear more expensive initially, but this is relative, when you take into account the full cost of hiring in-house staff and of purchasing any additional equipment required.

If you decide an external video producer is the best option, and you don’t already have someone in mind, you could ask for recommendations from your existing network of business contacts. Alternatively, you could refer to the videos you liked during the research phase, and get in touch with the person or agency that produced them directly.

Some things to bear in mind when selecting the right video producer to work with are:

  • Portfolio – look at previous examples of their work to see whether it’s the kind of thing you’re after, and whether they have sufficient experience to handle your project
  • Temperament – choose someone you can work well with, who understands what you’re after, and can demonstrate flexibility when it comes to discussing stakeholder requirements
  • Capacity – are they a one-man band, needing to sub-contract work on bigger projects? If so, it could affect both your budget and your relationship with the video producer.



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