From St. Stephen’s to Jerusalem – Easter(LIVE) 2011 and its amazing story


Easter(LIVE) 2011

Easter(LIVE) 2011

The recently departed Steve Jobs loved to use the phrase ‘Good artists copy; great artists steal’. It’s said to be originally from Picasso, and I wonder what Picasso would have made of Easter(LIVE) 2011. I reckon he would have made an awesome Easter(LIVE) – telling the passion week narrative in the most creative ways possible, like over 150 Twitter users signed up to do this year. We had lego passion plays, ones with jelly babies, funky photo montages and traditional Twitter storytelling.

It feels strange but good to use that phrase: ‘traditional Twitter storytelling’. When Share Creative, Worldview Media, Cliff College and the Evangelical Alliance launched the 2010 Easter(LIVE) we felt we were pioneers in our field – in the biblical-narrative-twittersphere. (We think we were the first large scale, real-time passion play told on Twitter – if you don’t think so, let us know!) So creative were the participants in this year’s project that we’ve all had to redefine what traditional Twitter storytelling really is. I love it!

Producing Easter(LIVE) 2011 was very much a team process. With Huw Tyler, Ali Johnson and myself steering it, we had invaluable input from Adam Brown (coder and web developer extraordinaire! Check out Decode Studios), Dot Tyler who wrote the youth resources, Chris Stone who made the singing and rockin’ video (check out his amazing portfolio here), and the Evangelical Alliance who covered press and publicity brilliantly – thanks Lizzy, Chine, and Anna.

And the principles remain the same. We want to engage audiences with projects and ideas which help them to marry biblical narratives with technology; to refresh the stories of old with the life and energy of Jesus today; to reach new audiences and give spark to the weary; to help people to share and connect as a Church without walls (to fight cliches like that one with a vigorous attention to cutting edge creativity and refusing to settle for average ideas).

It was great to be invited to the Christian New Media Awards 2011 on October 14th, run by Premier Christian Media – even greater was to win the Most Creative Use of Social Media for Easter(LIVE) 2011. We were up against some strong competition, including another Share Creative project you may have heard of (!) called Natwivity. It was a really well run evening, with some great food and compering from Maria Rodrigues-Toth and Krish Kandiah. There was even time to squeeze in a video prayer at the end…. ;-) A perfect evening at St. Stephen’s, Walbrook.


L-R Krish Kandiah (co-host), Ali Johnson, Huw Tyler, and Andrew Horton

L-R Krish Kandiah (co-host), Ali Johnson, Huw Tyler, and Andrew Horton

Just six days later, the Easter(LIVE) 2011 team were donning the suits etc. again for the Jerusalem Awards 2011 – again with Easter(LIVE) 2011 up against Natwivity in the Social Network category. Hosted by the Sainsbury family and held at the Royal Society of Arts in London. We weren’t too sure about this one, this time around. We’d won two awards for Easter(LIVE) here last year, so the 2011 project would have to be on its toes to persuade the judges.

As it happened, Natwivity and Easter(LIVE) 2011 walked away with the prize, jointly. A well deserved outcome. Congrats to Katherine Maxwell-Cook for an excellent script on Natwivity and for everyone else involved in the project. Bravo!


L-R: Dot Tyler, Ali Johnson, Andrew Horton, Huw Tyler, Katherine Maxwell-Cook

L-R: Dot Tyler, Ali Johnson, Andrew Horton, Huw Tyler, Katherine Maxwell-Cook (photo: Anna Moyle)

I have so much time for Huw, Ali and everyone involved in these projects. I could be more gushy, but this isn’t the time. (Don’t worry Huw and Ali, I won’t actually be gushy, gushy!)

Here’s to next week, next year, and all that. Get in!

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