How to commission better videos

The best videos – the videos that are really worthwhile – are those that go further than their final frames.

They take your viewers on a journey. They lead them to a positive place, a place of action – the action you’re hoping for them to take, and then further still.

As someone who commissions videos, how are you going to make this work? Viewers demand more compelling content, your bosses want to see a good return on investment. It’s not easy, is it?

How to commission better videos will demystify both the process and practice of video production for you. It’ll give you greater confidence when hiring a video producer and help you be wiser in how you work together.

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What people are saying about the book:

‘Concise, practical and super-engaging. Andrew guides you through a process that feels accessible, thorough and relevant to a range of contexts. His personality, wisdom and experience shine through in the well-formed and broken-down sections. The inclusion of templates and guides leaves you feeling confident and equipped in a number of key areas of the video commissioning and production process.’
Beth Parfitt, Head of Digital, Tearfund

‘Andrew has used his personal experience and skills to write a guide that is perfect for the individual, like me, who hasn’t had much video production experience but is starting to need it for their role. It breaks it down into simple and easy-to-apply steps, without being patronising.
Rachel Thomas, Donor Engagement Specialist and member of the Institute of Fundraising

‘A clear, thorough and engaging guide for anyone who regularly commissions videos.’
Charis Gibson, Account Development Director, Jersey Road PR

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